2021-10-11 10:00

"Made in Russia" participants will be able to send shipments and documents at preferential rates

Delivery World has become the first partner of the Made in Russia business promotion platform. The parties entered into an agreement which will make a new privileged service available to all companies participating in the "Made in Russia" project - delivery of courier shipments and freight worldwide on special terms.

Now all members of the system will be able to send their mail, goods, product samples, components, spare parts, and many other things to any part of the world at advantageous rates.

To take advantage of the privilege, companies should inform about their participation in the system "Made in Russia" when making a shipment through "Delivery World". The exact amount of discount after the verification of the information provided will be calculated based on the type of shipment (eg, documents, small parcel or cargo) and the volume of delivery (in some cases, savings can be up to 80%).

The service can be used by any company, including manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cars, spare parts and consumables, computers and accessories, exhibition goods, as well as clothing, footwear, textiles and accessories. Also, developers of innovative solutions, companies engaged in e-commerce, and enterprises of other profiles can be among the senders.

The new service will be especially useful for exporting companies that already supply products abroad, or for those that are planning to enter foreign markets.

The new service will allow participants of Made in Russia to save on logistics and channel this money to other, higher priority activities.

"We want to help Russian manufacturers expand the geography of their product deliveries, reduce delivery costs and, as a consequence, reduce production costs. Today more than 800 Russian companies are united under the Made in Russia brand. Many of them export their products, and therefore they often have to send their goods to other countries or exchange the necessary documentation with partners. Delivery is a significant cost item for any company. Our agreement with Delivery World will make it possible to reduce such expenses many times over," said Mikhail Sadchenkov, CEO of Made in Russia.

All shipments are made at the best price and in the shortest possible time, thanks to Delivery World's partnership with 45 major international airlines. In addition, the company is a member of the association of the largest shipping agents and has partnerships with leading independent international freight forwarders.

You can get the service or ask questions through the feedback form on the link.

"Delivery World " - one of the leaders in the field of international air cargo services. Extensive experience, automated processes, own offices and agent network covering the whole world, allows the company to deliver the goods of any complexity - from documents to complex medical, pharmaceutical and technical cargo - in the shortest possible time on the best terms.

"Delivery World" has already helped many of its customers to reduce delivery costs. For example, one of the largest Russian manufacturers of medical tests in Russia due to cooperation with "Delivery World" has almost halved the cost of sending samples of the products, which certainly had a positive impact on its activities and gave an opportunity to enter new export markets.

The Made in Russia system includes a trade and information platform with an audience of over 70,000 readers from 114 countries, as well as a trading house that provides support to exporters to sell products in the domestic and foreign markets. More than 800 companies participated in the system.

The strategic partners of the project are the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), Yandex LLC, Sistema JSFC, PJSC Bank FC Otkrytie and Roscongress Foundation.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova