2021-10-11 10:29

"VKontakte launched automatic subtitles

The social network VKontakte has launched automatic subtitles in Russian using its own speech recognition technology, the company told reporters.

The text is generated automatically. Unlike others of this kind, the development of "VKontakte" is able to set punctuation marks and capital letters, distribute the text over a frame and control the accuracy of its appearance at the time of the pronunciation of the phrase in the video.

In addition to speech recognition technology, the automatic subtitles use machine learning algorithms and intelligent noise reduction technology of video calls.

In the future, the developers plan to train the technology to separate the speech of the characters in the video into different replicas, which will make it easier to read while watching.

Now the new subtitles are available in experimental mode for part of the audience in popular videos and videos from verified communities in the web version and mobile application of VKontakte.

Made in Russia / Made in Russia

Author: Karina Kamalova