Media: Abrau-Durso may launch cosmetics production
2021-10-11 11:49

Media: Abrau-Durso may launch cosmetics production

The sparkling wine production company of business ombudsman Boris Titov, Abrau-Durso, has become the owner of half of Cosmetech. The rest of this company belongs to Ruslan Romantsev, the general director of Kubanbytkhim, Kommersant has learned.

The company "Kosmetech" engaged in the wholesale and manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics, and "Kubanbytchim" is developing its own and contract production of perfumes and cosmetics, detergents and cleaning products in Novorossiysk.

The publication's sources in the market do not exclude the possibility that "Abrau-Durso" may invest in the production of its own cosmetics line with products based on grape seed. This way the company may maximize the use of its vineyards. There is already a similar example in the world market - a French cosmetics brand Caudalie based on wine therapy. At present creams, tonics, oils, shower gels, shampoos and other care products are available under this brand.

Executive Director of the Association of manufacturers of perfumes, cosmetics, household chemicals and hygiene products Peter Bobrovsky told the publication that the "Abrau-Durso" already has relationships with retail chains, so to get on the shelf with a new category of the group will be "relatively easy", he believes.

Abrau-Durso did not comment on this information.

Abrau-Durso has already diversified its range of products - this spring the group announced the launch of sales of vegetable oils made of grape seeds.

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Author: Karina Kamalova