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Russian manufacturers need information protection, says head of Made in Russia

Russian manufacturers need information protection, says head of Made in Russia

New media is an effective tool in promoting and popularizing products and services in the modern world and can protect producers and consumers from misinformation. This opinion was expressed by Mikhail Sadchenkov, CEO of Made in Russia, during his speech at the session "Quality in Modern Legislation" held as part of the international forum World Quality Day.

This forum is the main national business event in the world of quality. This year it is held on November 10-12 in a hybrid format. On Thursday, November 11, the head of Made in Russia will take part in one more session that will be devoted to production of organic products. It starts at 2 p.m.

"I would like to talk about how modern media influence the definition of product quality and for us it is important because if we take the global case of our Sputnik V and Sputnik Light vaccines, you can see how media is used to influence audience perception of product quality," he said, explaining that by the example of these products we can see how a quality product abroad is positioned by media as a poor quality product - a vaccine whose use should be questionable for the end consumer.

"We actually see that our country has no instruments to counteract such things, and from the media point of view, we are not working to protect our own business. We are not engaged in promotion of the quality of Russian goods in the international markets", explained the head of Made in Russia.

For this purpose the country requires a media outlet which would primarily promote business, domestic goods and services, "with positioning, case studies and correctly selected content aimed at a foreign audience," Mr Sadchenkov continued. Such media will be "the right tool for the formation of the foreign consumer's understanding of Russian quality".

In this regard, the head of 'Made in Russia' pointed to the need for consolidation of all development institutions. "I would like now to create a clear track for the creation of such media. I hope that Roskachevo will actively support what we are doing now. With joint partnership, we will be able to form a correct plan to build this information agenda effectively," he stressed.

It is especially important in the conditions of global changes in consumer preferences, growing significance of marketing and digital technologies, explained Mr. Sadchenkov.


According to the Project Director General, special attention should be paid to the concept of "sufficient quality".

He reminded that in recent years, against the background of the crisis and currency fluctuations some enterprises unexpectedly demonstrated the competitiveness of their products in international markets. As an example, the Project Manager mentioned a Russian producer of disposable toothbrushes that were in high demand in Africa. At the same time, the products were not classified as being of high quality, he added.

"A very serious question arose: does this producer need protection and support from the state, if he produces a product that, from the point of view of institutions and traditional perception, we did not call quality. However, from the point of view of economy and consumer preferences, we can say that it is in demand. And this producer, producing this commodity, is involved in the development of the country's economy," said Sadchenkov.

Therefore, in his opinion, it is impossible to talk about the quality issues without reference to the economic indicators and economic processes of the enterprise, because the company cannot produce quality goods if it is not profitable.

In order to solve the problem of state support it is necessary to make a catalogue, where it will be determined which manufacturers and goods of what quality can qualify for the state financing, thinks the General Director of the project.

"In my understanding the key problem now is to determine the balance and understanding of what is a quality product, what is quality in terms of consumer preference correlation, economic processes of the enterprise as well as the reputation building factor of the company through modern new media. Without this, even producing quality goods, we simply will not be able to promote them in foreign markets," he stressed.


As CEO of Made in Russia reminded, the joint project with the Folk Arts and Crafts (Firs of Russia) was recently completed. During this project collections for manufacturers of NHP industry were created, and they are planning to sell them in retail.

"Now because of the exchange rate difference and problems with logistics we have a vacant niche of 25% of goods. That is, today the free niche that can be occupied by Russian manufacturers in the category of "home ware" is 25% of the total turnover. It turned out that now we have no manufacturers who are ready to fill it. This means that next year the prices for this category of goods in retail will increase by 15-20%. Plus to this there will be a niche in fashion retail," - said Sadchenkov.

In addition, he pointed to the positive dynamics in the issue of quality and perception of this quality. According to him, a year ago the consumer quality of Gzhel factory's products along with their prices were far from corresponded to the retail prices in the United Kingdom. And now the situation has changed dramatically.

"Both the quality and the passing price - the market has adjusted it in such a way that today Gzhel can enter there quite successfully. We are working on it now," the head of the project added.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova