2021-11-17 02:46

A "green" hydrogen production cluster with a capacity of 1 million tons is proposed to be created in the Russian Federation

Authorities of the Arkhangelsk region have come up with an initiative to create a cluster for production of "green" hydrogen using electricity generated by renewable sources - Mezenskaya tidal power plant and wind power plant. This was reported by the Minister of Economic Development, Industry and Science of the region Viktor Ikonnikov. Annual production volume will be at least 1 million tons of "green" hydrogen.

According to the head of the department, the cluster must include scientific organizations, engineering technology competence centers, as they form the scientific and technological infrastructure.

Now the project has already sparked the interest of Russian and foreign manufacturers of power generation equipment and electrolyzers. However, questions regarding duration of construction (up to 20 years) and its high cost remain open. Ikonnikov also pointed to the unsolved problem of uneven power generation at the tidal power plant due to inconsistent tides. In addition, there is no environmental impact assessment for the moment, says TASS.

Uniqueness of Mezensky Bay in the White Sea is a high tide height, which reaches about 10 meters. As the Minister explained, this is one of the few places in the world, where it is possible to organize the work of tidal power station - energy potential of the bay is estimated at 19 GW. Parameters of wind load at the coast of the bay (5-7 meters per second) allow organizing effective work of the wind power plant, he added.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova