Russia sends first agro-express to Uzbekistan
2021-11-18 02:44

Russia sends first agro-express to Uzbekistan

The first, test shipment left Russia for Uzbekistan as part of the Agroexpress project. The products of the largest poultry meat producers and exporters - the group of agricultural enterprises "Resurs" - went to the country.

According to the Agroexport center, a shipment of frozen poultry meat went from Tambov to Tashkent via Kazakhstan in self-contained refrigerated containers.

Once all technological and control issues are worked out on this pilot delivery and the remaining barriers are removed, the agroexpress trains to Uzbekistan will become regular, full-service and with a permanent schedule, and Russian exporters will have another uninterrupted delivery channel and accelerate the passage of cargo across the border.

This is the sixth route of the Agroexpress project, thanks to which delivery times for agricultural products are being reduced. Now regular "Agroexpress trains" deliver agricultural products of Russian exporters from Moscow and Russian regions to major cities of China, as well as from the capital to Vladivostok and further to ports of China, Japan and South Korea.

It is specified that in the framework of the project, Russia and Uzbekistan intend to increase the supply of products to 1 million tons by 2030.

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Author: Karina Kamalova