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Lactose exports from Stavropol Krai almost doubled

Lactose exports from Stavropol Krai almost doubled

Stavropol Territory exported 5 tons of lactose in dry matter worth $7.5 thousand in 2021, almost twice as much as last year, the Russian Ministry of Agriculture said.

Ivan Artamonov, head of innovation projects of the Stavropolsky dairy plant, said that the bulk of the product was sent to Belarus.

"In the Republic it is used for the production of essential medicines, as well as dietary supplements, so we have increased the supply of products to this country. Also, this year we started shipments of lactose in the form of syrup to Azerbaijan, and glucose and fructose to Belarus," he said.

Apart from lactose, in 2021 Stavropol Krai increased exports of sunflower oil, confectionery products, canned meat, chocolate, mineral water and sweet glazed drinks.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova