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The head of Made in Russia presented the project's capabilities to retailers at the Dubai Expo

The head of Made in Russia presented the project's capabilities to retailers at the Dubai Expo

The Made in Russia trading house and business promotion system plans to cooperate with Russian and foreign retailers, including when promoting folk arts and crafts (FAS) goods.

Mikhail Sadchenkov, head of Made in Russia, conducted an online presentation of the system's capabilities for retail chains as part of the business programme of the national pavilion at the Expo 2020 forum in Dubai.

The session was moderated by Natalia Vikhrova, director of the Business Programme of the Russian National Pavilion at Expo 2020. The presentation was attended by representatives of major retail chains - X5 Retail Group, Magnit, Auchan, L'Etoile, O'Key, Familia, Togas, Redis Crew and others.

Today, Made in Russia is developing a digital information platform that aims to promote Russian businesses, Sadchenkov said. "All Russian sales representatives are now joining our platform. We are preparing a big promotion program. In addition to that we are opening our own international offices, for instance we have recently opened a subdivision in Turkey," he said.

The project also cooperates with the Joint Stock Financial Corporation (JSFC) Sistema in the development of the NHP. For this purpose a joint trading office with AFK and Roscongress was set up, its goals are to ensure demand for the goods of folk art and crafts.

"The second direction is the creation of a full-fledged collection within the production of Gzhel factory, which was recently purchased by Sber and AFK "Sistema". Now there is a large-scale modernization. The start of mass production is already planned for the next year," said Sadchenkov.

The first production output of the renewed Gzhel plant is scheduled for the beginning of the next year, according to Mr. Sadchenkov. As early as mid-2022 Gzhelsky products may appear on store shelves in London, said the head of Made in Russia.

He drew attention to the fact that the pandemic has triggered a change in logistics chains, and this in turn has led to the release of a significant share in the category of home goods. "We would like to help arts and crafts manufacturers create turnkey collections for the home, from slippers to tableware. It should be a big integrated product," he said, adding that all other Russian NHP producers would soon be accumulated.

"The same goes for fashion retail. We have a large number of foreign inquiries. There is a high demand within the country as well. Producers need opportunities to enter large retail chains. Now we are engaged in the systematization of this direction. By the end of the year we are planning to make everything online, so that companies and producers will be able to see all requests at once in a personal office, "- said the project manager.

In conclusion, Sadchenkov invited representatives of retail to hold a joint meeting in Moscow and discuss in detail the possibilities of cooperation.

The system "Made in Russia" comprises a trading platform and a trading house that helps exporters sell their products on the domestic and foreign markets. As of today, more than 800 companies participate in the system. The audience of the project amounts to over 100 thousand readers from 114 countries.

The strategic partners of the project are the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Yandex, Sistema, Otkritie Financial Corporation and the Roscongress Foundation.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova