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Two new high-tech productions opened in SEZ in Moscow

Two new high-tech productions opened in SEZ in Moscow

Moscow Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has been expanded with two new high-tech production facilities. They will produce measuring equipment and materials for water treatment, said Alexander Prokhorov, head of Moscow's Department of Investment and Industrial Policy.

One of tenants became "Electronic technologies and metrological systems" (ZETLAB) which specialize on working out and release of measuring devices, digital and analog gauges, controllers and the software. The equipment is in demand in various areas, such as metrology laboratories, defense industry, oil refining, aviation, automotive, light industry and food industry.

The SEZ is also home to a division of the Resins group of companies. The enterprise specializes in production of ion-exchange materials for extraction of rare-earth materials, treatment of water treatment systems, pharmaceuticals and medicine. The produced resins are based both on long-term technologies and the latest developments of advanced chemical institutes and laboratories.

The head of the department told that the companies have rented more than one and a half thousand square meters of space. The enterprises will employ over 40 highly qualified personnel.

In the new engineering laboratory-industrial buildings, where the residents are located, it is possible to organize the industrial release of products and conduct research and development activities.

"The possibilities of this format allow tenants to implement their projects in the shortest possible time and with minimal investment in the industrial site, using the ready-made premises of the Moscow SEZ," - said the head of the department.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova