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March 10, 2016

A startup from Russia is going to begin production of humanoid robots in China

Perm startup Promobot sold five humanoid robot consultants to a Chinese company from Hangzhou (Keysi Microelectronics), they received an advance payment for four robots, and signed two agreements on increased cooperation with the company of the Middle Kingdom, the press service of the Skolkovo Foundation, the resident of which is the Russian start up.

The first of signed agreements on increased cooperation will deliver another 100 robots by the end of 2017. The process of exportation will be done in phases. The prices for the robots will depend on their configuration, the parameters of which customers will specify later. Pre-payment has not yet been received.

The second agreement is planned to take place in one of the Chinese provinces as a joint venture with the involvement of the local government. The joint venture will also be of an industrial nature. The Russian side will take on RnD, while the production and sales units in China will be attended to by the Asian counterparts, stated by the CNews portal one of the main projects by Alexey Yuzhakov.

The configuration of the trilateral project for the production of robots in China is subject to negotiation. The role of the Chinese government is expected to be in the allocation of the area under the plant, providing funds for equipment, compensation for cost of living for the Russians.

Production capacity should be at least 1 thousand robots per year. Yuzhakov estimates that launching such projects costs tens of millions of dollars.

The collection and approval of permits starting in December 2015 has been done by Keysi Microelectronics.

The Promobot is an autonomous mobile unit, which is shaped like a human and is intended for personal communication with people. Promobot has the ability of speech recognition and individual perception of the meaning of what was said and the ability to answer the questions using a voice synthesizer. This robot-promoter is generally used in areas of high concentrations of people (for example, at exhibitions) to draw attention to the owner of the promoted products, consultations on pre-defined topics, help in navigation and so forth.

Today a promobot costs about 10 thousand dollars. The final price will vary depending on the configuration and set of additional features.

Promobot experts say that the Keysi Microelectronics Company has a large network of contacts throughout the world in the realm of construction and trade. "Thanks to our partners we can extend promobots across China - in banks, movie theaters, shopping centers and other places where there is a necessity to improve the quality of customer service," noted the creators of the startup.

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