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March 11, 2016

Russian January wheat exports exceed 1,3 million tonnes

At the end of January, Russian wheat exports rose to 1,317 million tonnes. Besides, Russia maintained deliveries of meslin (a mix of wheat and rye) a total amount of US$217,6 million, as Federal Customs Services report.

The report also specifies, that most of the amount mentioned above, was as usual exported to far abroad countries, which makes it 1,271 million tonnes – US$209,8 million.

The volume of the imports of the above mentioned product into Russia, based on the results of the accounting month, sums up to 63,2 thousand tonnes (US$9 million).

By the end of January, Russia also imported 4 thousand tonnes of barley and 3 thousand tonnes of corn. The volume of the imports of vegetable oil for the accounting month amounts to 0,1 thousand tonnes, 15,4 thousand tonnes of raw sugar and 32,6 thousand tonnes of white sugar.

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