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March 15, 2016

Samsung buys three medical patents from Russian developers

Samsung purchased three patents for the development of laser sensors for measuring heart rate, blood pressure, blood flow, and skin condition from Russian engineers in September 2015, media outlet reported.

The names of the companies that developed the technology and the terms of the deal have not yet been made public. The system is available for use through the company’s smartphones and fitness bracelets. The laser beam sources, sensors, power supply, and information processing can also be integrated into Samsung devices.

The gadget works by pointing a smartphone at the user’s wrist. The laser system then collects all necessary information about the person’s health. Information about their pulse, blood pressure, and blood flow then appears on the screen.

The Business Insider agency reported that wearable gadgets with medical uses may become one of the biggest technology trends in 2016.

Information was publicized in September 2015 about the start of cooperation between pharmaceutical companies and producers of fitness trackers and other devices that allow the user to check their health, in order to speed up the clinical trial process. Companies also plan to collect more accurate data on how their products are working in order to accelerate the time they take to reach the market.

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