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"They dictate to retailers and manufacturers how to develop": the expert spoke about the role of buzzers

"They dictate to retailers and manufacturers how to develop": the expert spoke about the role of buzzers

Russian manufacturers and retailers need to adapt their work to the new consumers, the zoomers. According to Anna Lukanina, managing partner of the Depot and president of the Association of Branding Companies of Russia (ABKR), this category of people is already determining what, how and when to buy. Read more in the "Made in Russia" article.


According to Lukanina, the age of the target audience has shifted toward children and teenagers.

"Few people are targeting the 25-40 year olds now. Millennials have matured, they have been replaced by zoomers who are 9-24 years old. They now make up 80% of the target audience of all companies, they are reformatted on them, with no exception," she said.

The expert noted that they are now influencing not only the retail chains, but also what the chains' suppliers, the companies that produce both food and services, are doing and what strategies they are building.

"Don't underestimate their influence on what's going on in the world and in the retail world right now. Even companies that have historically targeted older, more mature consumers are starting to reformat their communications to fit this new generation. They are dictating to retailers how to develop, what to focus on and what services to implement," said Lukanina.


According to the expert, new customers create a trend for a combination of traditional elements of trade and new technologies.

"What is in demand in retail right now? The first is here and now. The quick response of technology. We have to get everything at the speed of ordering a cab. If you don't provide that to your consumer, you become an outsider," Lukanina said.

Speed of delivery was a major competitive advantage in 2021, but 2022 will already be a hygiene factor. "If they don't deliver within 45 minutes, we're already switching to another store," the expert said.

Another important trend that has finally taken hold in retail has been social media, which allows you to leave and view reviews.

"Reviews on social media are more important than price. This generation is less sensitive to price. They pay attention to other factors. How you talk, communicate and react on social media. Even at the time of purchase people look at reviews, "- he finished.

As previously reported by the Made in Russia project, the feeling of insecurity in a pandemic, restrictions on social contacts, inflation and the difficult economic situation in the country as a whole have somewhat changed the consumer behavior of Russians in 2020-2021.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova