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Sales of simulated red caviar rose 78% year-over-year

Sales of simulated red caviar rose 78% year-over-year

In Russia in December sales of imitation red caviar increased by 78% year-on-year. Such data were published in the research of analytical resource of the company "Platform OFD" - "Check Index".

According to TASS, for December 1-25, 2021, the average purchase check in the category of "imitation red caviar" was 244 rubles, which is 15% higher than during the same period in 2020. In turn, sales in physical terms increased by 78%, and in monetary terms by 24%.

Natural caviar during this period cost an average of 1,711 rubles - an increase of 21% over the year.

In turn, the volume of sales in kind decreased by 18%, in monetary terms - increased by 4%.

As noted by analysts, most Russians in December bought natural red caviar in the 200-300 grams, imitation red and black caviar - in the 100-200 grams. Simulated caviar often has a base of seaweed, gelatin or fish oil.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova