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A feed mill will appear on the basis of Bashkortostan's first robotized farm

A feed mill will appear on the basis of Bashkortostan's first robotized farm

Bashkortostan will build its own feed mill at the republic's first robotized dairy farm, according to the website of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

The investor is erecting the shop on the territory of the agrarian enterprise "Krasnaya Bashkiria" in the Abzelinsky district.

The feed store building is erected by the investor in the village of Samarskoye section of the farm using a frame-and-tilt technology. The Department says that the building will be budget-friendly thanks to the light frame, and the shop will be light and comfortable to work in because of the transparency of the tent.

Tent and metal structures are made by the republican company.

The shop will prepare fodder for the animals, which are kept in the robotic farm.

"Centralized preparation of fodder will significantly improve the quality of feed mix for animals, reduce labor costs associated with their preparation, and optimize the accounting of feed additives and ingredients," the ministry said.

The investment project to create robotic dairy farms for 800 animals is unique for the republic. The first building for 400 cows opened in Krasnaya Bashkiria in 2020. The total investment in the project will be almost half a billion rubles. Nine thousand tons of euro-standard milk will be produced there every year.

The Bashkortostan government will subsidize the costs of purchasing agricultural machinery and equipment, including tent and frame buildings.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova