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Small businesses increased their revenues by 10% thanks to the SME Corporation program

Small businesses increased their revenues by 10% thanks to the SME Corporation program

The income of companies that participate in the SME corporation program "Growing up", on average, shows an increase of 10%, said the press service of the development institute.

Now this program covers about 900 companies in 69 Russian regions. Entrepreneurs have an opportunity to expand their staff by more than 6% thanks to it, the results of a scoring assessment of small and medium-sized businesses that participate in the project show.

"A 10% increase in profitability in difficult economic conditions, with continuing COVID restrictions - this is a very good result. Each entrepreneur used the most appropriate of the support tools we offer, and sometimes a whole complex, "- said the CEO of SME Corporation Alexander Isaevich.

He added that depending on the specific situation companies are offered access to certain financial resources and non-financial assistance.

Every business at the entrance to the program undergoes expert analysis, thanks to which the specialists can determine the most effective "points of growth". The next step is to assign companies an individual development matrix, on the basis of which they can "grow.

The program helps companies modernize and develop production, optimize business processes and reduce costs.


Among the participants is RTI-Komponent, a manufacturer of rubber products for automobiles from Tatarstan. According to the corporation's data, participation in the project helped the company to get a loan of 100 million rubles. Moreover, during the time of participation, revenues increased by 50% and the number of employees increased by 15%, said Radik Yevstafyev, the company's leading financier.

Geoburmash, a drilling tool factory in Sverdlovsk, took part in the project and borrowed 3.35 million rubles at 4.25% interest. Employees of the company were also able to receive training in export issues and find potential buyers abroad.

"The complex of measures allowed us to attract new major customers for our products and to double the revenues of the company in 2021," said Valentin Zimin, director of the plant.

Another participant in the "Cultivation" program is Oboyan cannery from the Kursk region. It received two loans totaling 5.1 million rubles as part of the support.

At the same time, employees were able to attend trainings and seminars, and the company received a new brand book.

Lipetsk enterprise "Prestorus" which produces geosynthetics received as part of the support a ready business plan for attracting investments to a new project and passed an infrastructure audit.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova