2016-04-20 10:44

Moscow and Tel Aviv will cooperate on business issues

Moscow and Tel Aviv have concluded a cooperation program for the next three years, which concerns the issues of urban management and partnership between business structures, reports the Department for External Economic and International Relations (DEEIR) of Moscow.

The document was signed by the Head of the Department for External Economic and International Relations Sergey Cheremin and Mayor of Tel Aviv Ron Huldai.

"In recent years, our cooperation has become even more fruitful and substantive. Active development of all areas that are possible between reliable partners - trade and urban planning, urban economy, security and humanitarian sphere," - quotes Cheremin FEAC.

Under the program, city authorities, representatives of business and the public will share experiences and information on the development of urban transport and road transport infrastructure, housing and communal services, the introduction and use of high technology in urban management, the development of production and trade between business structures of the two metropolitan areas, strengthening cooperation in tourism, sports and culture.

"Without hesitation, I put my signature under the text of the new program - already now it lives, operates, breathes. We cooperate with Muscovites in the field of high technology, urban economy, medicine and culture. We actively trade, involve private business in work with Moscow companies. It's important not to stop there, but to go forward, to expand and deepen our ties with Moscow," Huldai DVMS quotes.