2016-05-17 11:03

St. Petersburg IT developers increased export 50 times in 10 years

The IT market expects 15% growth in foreign sales in 2016, Vedomosti wrote with reference to software developers. Foreigners are actively buying up St. Petersburg software, which has fallen in price because of the ruble devaluation.

Valentin Makarov, president of non-commercial partnership Russoft, notes that in 2015 sales of software products in St. Petersburg grew by 5% to $2.3 billion, while foreign sales of St. Petersburg software developers grew by 12% to $1.3 billion. Makarov claims that despite the 10% reduction of the domestic software development market, exports continue to grow (from $345 million in 2002 to $6.3 billion in 2014).

Sergey Baklan, CEO of software developer Arkadia, confirmed this trend and said that his company increased foreign sales in dollars by 8%, in euros by about 28%, this year he expects growth by 15%. Director of International Business Development Raidix Anna Belova says that foreign sales have increased by 30%, their share is now 70% and continues to grow due to the expansion of the base of international partners. This year, according to Belova, Raidix expects the growth of export share by 10-15%, while revenues from foreign markets - by 30-40%. The growth of foreign sales in First Line Software has also made about 30%, the share has increased by 10 p. p. - up to 70%, told General Director of the company Alexander Pozdnyakov to "Vedomosti".