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Sergey Sergeev began his career in the field of military electronics development in the early 1990s. In 1992 he founded his first enterprise - INTECO. It was the first company of the future STC TECHNO-AC, which developed and patented one of the first portable pyrometers in Russia. Sergey Sergeev managed all research and development in the STC TECHNO-AC. His team developed and produced an acoustic water leak detector for underground pipelines and a cable and pipe locator for indication and depth measurement of underground utilities.

Throughout the work of STC TECHNO-AC Sergey Sergeev carries the idea that the equipment of the enterprise should make people's lives better. There are many cases when the equipment, designed and manufactured by the company under the leadership of Sergeev, saved lives and prevented major failures in heating and water supply systems.

Now the head of the company is targeting STC TECHNO-AC to the global market. He encourages research into new equipment and provides all possible support to talented engineers and programmers. In more than 28 years of continuous work, the company's team has not lost the inspiration and desire to provide the best solution to the needs of customers around the world.