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Kryuchkova Irina Vasilyevna - Head of the Foreign Economic Activity Department of Trading-Production Company ARGUS-NV, which is one of the leading companies producing optoelectronic systems for civil and special purposes under the trade mark INFRATECH, specifically night and thermal imaging sights, pre-object sights, collimator sights, diode and laser infrared illuminators and target designators, small arms mounts and other devices for technical equipment.

Graduated from the State University of Management (Moscow), specialty Economics. She is fluent in three foreign languages - English, Polish and German, which is confirmed by international certificates. She is a regular student of the Moscow Export Center, including the Moscow Exporter School, as the products of Trading-Production Company ARGUS-NV have many features associated with export to different countries.

She takes part in international congresses and exhibition events, as well as economic forums and summits. The company supervises the establishment of long-term partnership relations with clients from China, the Middle East and countries of the African continent, as well as during the work in the company have been strengthened partnership export ties with the Eurasian Economic Union countries.

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