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Graduated from the Moscow Academy of Design. By chance, she got into the jewelry industry and has been staying there for 18 years.

In September 2019, she started working in the company Lazurit-D, which is currently one of the leading companies in the production and sale of precious stones and jewelry in Russia.

During her work in the company, Marina Sedykh managed to implement the idea of the head of Lazurit-D company to create its own trade mark, to come up with a logo and brand name, as well as to develop the design and launch the main collections of BlooMStone together with 3D designers and jewelers. To date, Lazurit-D company has already released four collections under the BlooMStone brand. The distinctive features of the collections are unusual design, smooth, flowing lines and shapes, as well as the unique design of the cup, thanks to which the stones on the products shine brighter and look visually larger.

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