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Anysiya Evdokimova - Director for Development of the National Marketplace for the sale of tickets to museums Biletarium - is a fully Russian development, which was launched in 2020 in quarantine as a response of the tourism business to modern challenges not only in tourism but also in the world.

As a Candidate of Science (Economics) in the specialty: Mathematical and instrumental methods of economics, Anysiya actively applies in her work advanced information development and scientific approach in practice to the task of optimizing the business model.

Anysiya actively participates in public initiatives in the industry, being the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Tourism and Hospitality Industry of the All-Russian public organization Business Russia in St. Petersburg, as well as the Ambassador of the National Union of Hospitality Industry and authorized representative of the organization in the Leningrad region.

During 10 years of experience in managing and owning small businesses has accumulated expertise in the development and promotion of Russian tourism brands in the world markets, which allowed to act as an expert involved Russian Export Center in the acceleration program for the tourism industry initiated in 5 regions of the country in the period 2019-2020.

The status of World Skills Russia expert in the evaluation of IT projects for business has allowed not only to participate in evaluation measures, but also to develop the application of these competencies in tourism and replicate best practices at industry events. The expert of the Tour Acccelerator project under the guidance of Alexandra Bobretsova and the INRU expert community - research in the field of service design, application of design concept for the tourism industry, the formation of regional brands and information field to address the problem of development of domestic and inbound tourism in Russia.

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