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Russian elevator companies are confident that the supply of parts will be adjusted

Russian elevator companies are confident that the supply of parts will be adjusted

The production of elevators in Russia has fallen due to a shortage of components, however, the situation is temporary and there is hope for the early establishment of supplies of parts, the Vertical Service elevator maintenance and repair company told the editorial board of Made in Russia.

Earlier it was reported that the drop in elevator production in Russia from January to June was 41%. Before that, the industry showed a small but stable growth of 18%.

"It's all about components, as in many other manufacturing industries today. Among other things, there are questions about how much production will eventually cost, taking into account the increase in the cost of loans and the difficult logistics of delivering the same parts from abroad," the agency's interlocutor, a representative of the company, commented.

As noted, problems in the field of elevator construction began not only due to the departure of foreign manufacturers, but also a decrease in the number of buildings under construction and, as a result, a decrease in demand for new apartments.

"Yes, the reduction in the need for new elevators can also be fixed. But this is a temporary situation. We see that construction is gradually unfolding, we are sure that we will still build high-rise buildings, because there is a way out of this situation. Supplies will be adjusted, there will be a ready-made manufacturer who will find a balance and benefit. It's only a matter of time," the Vertical Service added.

Earlier, several elevator manufacturing companies left the domestic market. Among them is one of the largest manufacturers of elevators and components – the company Otis.

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