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Expert: due to parallel imports, alcohol prices in Russia will not change

Expert: due to parallel imports, alcohol prices in Russia will not change


The price tags for alcohol imported by parallel imports will not change, they will remain at the same level. This was told to the editorial board of "Made in Russia" by the director of the Center for Research of Federal and Regional Alcohol Markets Vadim Drobiz.

"It would seem that products imported by parallel imports should be cheaper. But our logistics have become more complicated. And anyway – what's the point of making these products cheaper? Nothing. Only premium products will be imported in parallel. Mostly strong products. It is consumed by 10-15% of consumers – the upper middle class. Everything. For these people, a few hundred rubles do not matter at all. Some experts say that the price will be reduced by 20%. But business has its own interests. If it was a mass product, then yes, there would be a struggle for the price, for price reduction. And when the product is premium – well, what difference does it make, 5 thousand rubles will cost a bottle, or 5 thousand 300 rubles," Drobiz explained.

Recall that retail chains in Russia are starting to supply alcohol through parallel imports. Among the alcoholic products allowed for importation are foreign brands of wines, champagne and spirits, for example, such well–known as: Jagermeister, White Horse, Malibu, Jose Cuervo, Jack Daniels's, Bell's, Sheridan's, Jose Cuervo and others.

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