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"Made in Russia" - the main news for the week of November 28 - December 4

"Made in Russia" - the main news for the week of November 28 - December 4

Russian brand stores will open instead of H&MH&M stores in Russian shopping centers will replace points of domestic brands.

They are already actively occupied by the brands of the Russian Melon Fashion Group (MFG), the Russian brand of women's clothing and accessories Lime, the network of multi-brand fashion clothing and accessories stores "Snow Queen" and others

It will be easier to get a non-tourist visa to ChinaThese are work, family, study visas, business visas - everything except tourist visas.

The requirements for applying for a visa remain the same as before the pandemic. The only exception was the need to present a certificate of vaccination against coronavirus infection.

The Ministry of Finance proposed to set minimum prices for all alcoholic beveragesFor example, the minimum retail prices for champagne and sparkling wines are proposed to be indexed from 169 rubles for 0.7 liters to 239 rubles.

The MRC for alcohol has been established by the Ministry of Finance since 2009 in order to combat shadow production.

St. Petersburg scientists have created a "smart" glove for high-precision medical operationsThe development will enable the operator to control various manipulators, including copper ones.

The glove has sensors for remote control of manipulators. The glove has many analogues, but there are also differences associated with cheaper materials. Scientists continue their work on the modernization of the robotic arm.

The government allocates 7.5 billion rubles for the development of 150 projects in the agricultural sectorThe money will be used for the organization of new dairy and meat farms, storage facilities for agricultural products, seed and breeding centers.

For Far Eastern farmers, in the event of an emergency declaration, the amount of subsidizing the cost of the insurance policy will increase — its growth from 50 percent will reach 80 percent.

The government has made the social gasification program in Russia indefiniteMedical and educational organizations will be able to use it as needed.

They can connect to gas networks for free. Institutions now do not have to pay for the construction of gas pipelines to the borders of land plots where they already exist, and payment for connecting buildings to communications is not required.

More than 130 billion rubles will be allocated for the resettlement of emergency housing in RussiaOf these, 60.5 billion rubles are planned to be allocated for the current program, another 72.5 billion rubles for the new program.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the work on the resettlement of citizens from emergency housing. According to him, in general, the implementation of the program in the country is ahead of schedule.

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