Moscow company IEOS received a subsidy of 1 million rubles from the city authorities
2020-10-26 04:40

Moscow company IEOS received a subsidy of 1 million rubles from the city authorities

The authorities of Moscow have approved applications of eight more capital companies for engineering subsidies from the city budget for the total sum of 60 million rubles. Among those who have received support of the Moscow government is IEOS, a developer and manufacturer of integrated thermal imaging modules. The received funds in the amount of more than 1 million rubles the company can direct on creation of new products on the basis of introduction in an economic turnover of results of engineering services and on modernization of available projects.

"Positive decisions have been made on the applications of eight more companies participating in the Moscow Innovation Cluster (MIC). The total amount of compensation of engineering costs for them will be more than 60 million rubles. Recipients of subsidies will be able to spend money for development of their projects", - Alexei Fursin, the head of Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and innovation development, said, specifying that the following companies received subsidies: "IEOS", "Elma-Malahit", "Intron-VTD", "Fire Automation", "New Line Engineering", "MZTA", "NTC "Bakor", "Profotek".

Legal persons and individual entrepreneurs who have the status of the participant of the Moscow innovation cluster can receive a corresponding subsidy from Moscow authorities. At that the requirements for the grant applicants were softened in the second package of anti-crisis business support measures: earlier the application could be filed by the organizations registered as an entrepreneur or a legal entity for not less than three years, now according to the new conditions - not less than one year. Besides, now at reception of the subsidy representatives of small and average business have a priority.

Applicants may use the funds received from the city budget to offset the costs of creating a new or upgrading an existing product, as well as the modernization or expansion of production due to the introduction of the results of engineering services into the economic turnover.


The company "IEOS" is engaged in development and manufacture of the integrated thermal imaging modules based on uncooled matrixes with expanded functionality. The peculiarity of the company's thermal imaging systems is the building of computing unit on the basis of digital signal processors (DSP) that allows to develop the devices as the complex solutions with optimal characteristics without compromise solutions and additional units, and considering all the nuances of the customer's requirements and wishes.

"IEOS", founded in 2010, today ranks among the top five companies in its sector in Russia. It has a large client base in Moscow and some key regions of the country.

For the last years the company has performed a great number of order work in the field of development of design documentation, production of single samples and small batches of devices and components for the leading Russian enterprises and institutions in the field of thermal imaging technology.


The Moscow innovation cluster (portal is an economic project of the Government of Moscow, which is overseen by the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development of the City of Moscow.

The cluster is designed to implement innovations and develop cooperation between large corporations, industry, small and medium-sized businesses, educational and scientific organizations, development institutions and the city. The main objective of the cluster is to form an innovation ecosystem for building successful businesses, as well as to develop a platform for the prosperous growth of innovative projects.

The cluster includes more than 2.5 thousand participants - start-ups, corporations, industrial enterprises, educational and scientific institutions, including the "Skolkovo" Foundation, the research centre "Kurchatov Institute", "Rosnano" corporation, Technoparks "Strogino" and "Slava", and also scientific centres of the leading Moscow universities.

At the moment, more than 200 support measures are available to the cluster residents, as well as a whole set of useful digital tools and services, including search for new partners, clients and investors. Each participant can find the list of relevant support measures for his or her enterprise in the relevant section of the cluster website.

As conceived by the city authorities, in the future, notifications will be sent to residents about changes in support measures, as well as the start and end dates of applications for support measures will be displayed in the participant's personal cabinet.

At the same time, access to the Moscow innovation cluster services is also available to individual entrepreneurs and legal entities from other regions of Russia. In order to look for partners, select objects for testing their developments, and rent the necessary premises, such companies must register on the digital platform of the cluster. In addition, such companies also have access to the contract manufacturing exchange (an opportunity to fulfill production orders or find free capacities without organizing their own production) and patent exchange (a navigator for patented technologies and intellectual property results).