Russian Peroni honey explores foreign markets
2020-10-28 03:08

Russian Peroni honey explores foreign markets

Russia's leading company for the production and sale of unique honey soufflé and natural products Peroni continues to increase its export direction and the presence of its products in international markets. To date, Peroni products are supplied to more than 20 countries, including Japan, Korea, China, USA, France, Switzerland, Germany, UAE, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Lithuania, Belgium and others.

The company started developing export activities two years after its opening - in 2015. Since then, the number of the company's sites and outlets abroad has been growing annually. Brand recognition in the world is also reinforced by the participation of Peroni representatives in international events. For example, over the last 2 years the company has participated in more than 10 major exhibitions and business missions around the world, including those supported by the Government of Moscow.

Export growth is also ensured by the presence of Peroni on foreign marketplaces. For example, this year Peroni became one of 27 Moscow companies to receive a premium account on Europages, the largest e-commerce site in the world. The recipients of premium accounts in May were selected by the Moscow Export Center.

Premium International recipients get the opportunity to set up the largest number of keywords for search of the company and its products and place the maximum number of product items (up to 200 items) in the virtual storefront. Having an account also provides the additional benefit of a full translation service for company content into 15 languages, as well as a number of other useful services. Today, over 3 million B2B enterprises from over 100 countries are registered with Europages. These are manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and service providers. Each month the marketplace attracts over 2 million business people, who are looking for new business partners to promote their services and products in Europe and worldwide. As noted in Peroni, since the launch of the site have already received a number of targeted inquiries and proposals.

In addition to an account on Europages, the company entered the European and Japanese Amazon, from which sales have already begun. Also supported by the "Made in Moscow" project of the Moscow Export Center (MEC), Peroni was among the hundred Moscow-based companies and enterprises to receive a gold account of the world's largest B2B format marketplace on in 2019. Applicants for golden accounts had to meet a number of criteria. One of the main conditions for obtaining a golden account was the production of goods in the capital. Applicants were also judged on the amount of tax deductions, average annual salary of employees and revenue.

To continue its trade development in Asia, the company entered online platforms such as Amazon Japan and the Anglo-Arab online commerce platform (a subsidiary of Amazon).

Despite its successful export development, Peroni's management intends to further develop its international business. In the future, the company plans to introduce its own products to users of the US Amazon and the largest e-commerce site in Japan and the world Rakuten, Inc.

About the company

Peroni is a leading company for the production and sale of natural food products, with honey soufflé being the main among them. Peroni is one of the top five companies in its sector in the Russian market. Today products Peroni is represented in more than 200 tea boutiques, coffee houses, culinary studios, online stores and supermarkets, not only in Russia, but also abroad. Last year, the company launched a mini-franchise, as well as its own cafe-boutique Peroni in Dubai. In addition, the company is active in export activities: products are supplied to more than 20 countries around the world, partner warehouses have been opened in Europe, Japan, China and Korea.

The main principle that guides the company in its work - the creation of a natural product with a unique range of flavors and aesthetic design of the package. The main product of Peroni - honey souffle - is made from flower honey from apiaries of Altai, Kazakhstan and Central Russia using the technology of careful mixing. Thus all healthy properties of honey are preserved: the process of making the product is strictly controlled by specialists not to expose it to high temperatures. Also, among the products Peroni honey in its traditional pure form, candy, tea, coffee, spices, soap, candles and gift baskets. The main principle that guides the company in its work is to create a natural product with a unique range of flavors and aesthetic design of packaging.

For 7 years the Peroni's products have won 11 Product of the Year awards, two Grand Prix for Innovative Product and received the London Honey Awards. The focus on natural product has also allowed the company to obtain the "Ecological Safety" certificate, the "Healthy Food" award and many other awards and diplomas.