Modern Casting Technologies implemented the project to modernize the shop of Belaruskali plant
2020-10-26 08:10

Modern Casting Technologies implemented the project to modernize the shop of Belaruskali plant

The Russian engineering company Modern Foundry Technologies (SLT) has prepared and implemented a project to modernize the foundry section of the repair and mechanical workshop of Belaruskali plant, which is the largest producer of potash fertilizers in the world.

At the beginning of the work SLT specialists surveyed the existing capacity of the shop, whose performance the entire plant depends on, then together with the engineers of Belaruskali the optimal foundry technology was selected. In accordance with the investment plan, the reconstructed and expanded building of the repair shop accommodates production of steel, iron and non-ferrous castings used in equipment repairs.

The alpha-set technology, which uses cold-curing resin binders, has been chosen to manufacture castings. It allows to improve environmental conditions in the foundry and cast parts of high quality. Importantly, the improvement in quality is also accompanied by a reduction in energy consumption and, therefore, lower production costs. Absence of toxic components not only improves working conditions, but also simplifies the process of waste recycling, which in modern conditions is of great importance.

After reconstruction is completed, the foundry is capable of producing up to 3 tons of castings per shift, which fully meets the needs of the repair shop.

About reconstruction

After specification of all details about workshop, design task was formulated that included:

  • development of casting production technology for production conditions and customer's equipment;
  • development of 3D drawings of core-model tooling including a gating and feeding system;
  • development of sets of process documentation for charge materials preparation, metal melting and casting, molding, etc;
  • development of design documentation, process instructions and consumption rates;
  • preparation of methodological guidelines for laboratory studies and instructions on labour protection.

The customer's obligatory condition was compliance of the developed documentation with the requirements of the standards of the Republic of Belarus.

"Performance of the assigned task required an individual approach from SLT specialists. Thus, it was required to develop 3D drawings for the manufacturing of castings. At the same time, the products themselves - pump casings, reducers, stator tubes and other parts - were originally developed for manufacturing using currently outdated technologies, and the technical documentation available for them was useless," said "SLT" representative.

The task was solved with the help of modern digital technologies: SLT specialists went to the production site, examined samples of parts with a 3D scanner and made the measurements required for design. Based on the information collected the specialists designed drawings of parts, developed the technology and the relevant instructions for melting the castings using the new equipment.

About Belaruskali

Belaruskali Open Joint Stock Company (Soligorsk, Republic of Belarus) is one of the world's largest producers and exporters of potassium fertilizers. According to the International Fertilizer Association, it accounts for one fifth of global potash fertilizer production.

The Belaruskali factory was founded in 1958. Today the company includes four ore mining divisions, four sylvinite dressing plants and six mines. More than 16 thousand people are employed at the enterprises of JSC "Belaruskali".

JSC "Belaruskali" is a town-forming enterprise, which actively supports scientific, cultural and sports programs, youth policy, implements various social projects.


SLT LLC (Moscow, Russian Federation) is an engineering company specializing in modernization of existing foundry capacities and foundation of new foundries. The company carries out the whole complex of works from the concept development to startup and commissioning of the ready production. The company also supplies various equipment and tools: shaker-press machines, PGS moulding lines, PGS sand preparation, semi-automatic moulding sections.

"SLT is one of the five best enterprises in Russia in its sector, the company's share of production takes more than 30% of the domestic market.

"SLT" can offer its customers individual and the most effective solutions as the company has a successful eight-year experience in creation of new production facilities for foundry of ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as closely cooperates with the leading scientific and industrial organizations of the CIS and Europe.

The mission of the company is to increase efficiency of foundry processes at the existing and newly created productions through individual approach, deep analysis and application of the most advanced technologies and equipment in the field of foundry production.