2020-11-05 01:45

Rusprodexport launched a new line of products under its own brand Verestovo in 2016

Rusprodexport, a Russian company that produces, distributes and exports healthy and dietary food products, created a new line of breakfast cereals under its Verestovo brand in 2016.

The emergence of its own production site in 2018 allowed the company to significantly speed up, facilitate and increase the production process, quickly implement interesting ideas. On the basis of production, the company's specialists got a unique opportunity to continuously work on creating new modern and in-demand products in the market.

"Using its experience in trade of dry breakfasts and other food products of various leading Russian manufacturers, as well as the peculiarities of consumer preferences of Chinese buyers and its vast experience, LLC Rusprodexport has created a line of products under its own brand Verestovo. The product line has combined the most popular taste preferences and unique technology, creating a product that stands out against the other breakfast cereals, both in Russian and international store shelves and online," said the company's representative.

The brand's new product line has already identified favourites among consumers. For instance, the most popular among customers are the Verestovo crunches. Apart from them, the instant porridge and sugar-free Granola are also in demand.

Verestovo assortment

At present "Rusprodexport" produces more than 30 kinds of the breakfast cereals in different packing types. They are granola crunchy Verestovo of several kinds - with peach, apple, cranberry, pumpkin seeds; with walnut, prune, ginger; with banana, raspberry, cocoa-flavoured balloons Strawberry, apple, pumpkin seeds and also granola in flavours such as Papaya, Pineapple and Pumpkin Seeds, Apricot, Apple and Melon and Cherry, Grapes and Cranberry.

The Company also offers Verestovo's instant oatmeal porridge made from wholemeal oat flakes in the flavours "Apricot and Pumpkin", "Berry Cocktail" and "Cherry and Almonds". All porridges do not contain flavour enhancers and colouring agents as the taste is achieved due to the flavour of natural fruits and berries. In addition, the company produces oatmeal and rye flakes.

The company employees are constantly working on expanding and modifying the range of products and are in search of new unusual flavor combinations and formulations that will meet the needs of the modern consumer and the world trends.

Production technologies

To achieve the best results, specialists of the company have studied all existing technologies of cereal breakfast production and selected those that meet the highest quality and safety standards of the food industry. The extrusion technology was chosen as the basis.

"This technology is used by the best world manufacturers, and the experience of its use in Japan has shown that this is the most promising technology, which meets the goals and quality standards, which our company "Rusprodexport" has set for itself, - explained the representative of the company.

The main aspect of the development of the modern food technology is the creation of an extrudate of a balanced composition with various useful additives. Extrusion technology makes it possible to create products with adjustable nutritional, biological and energy values. A distinctive feature of the technology used by Verestovo is the use of baking instead of conventional drying. Baking gives the product a fuller flavour, an attractive look, pleasing texture and a maximum healthy composition.

The company carefully monitors compliance with all the necessary standards in the production and sale of its products, carefully delivering them to the final consumer and adjusting the price/quality ratio as much as possible to the convenience of their customers.

About the company

Rusprodexport was founded in 2016. Prior to establishing Rusprodexport, the company's specialists worked for several years in a Chinese company to promote Russian food products in the domestic market of the PRC. Having gained the necessary skills and experience in the introduction and distribution of goods, they decided to organize their own production in Russia.

Today, the company's production capacity is more than 25 tonnes of finished products a month. It can be purchased in retail stores and online stores such as Wildberries, Ozon, "Bero!", Samokat and others.

Many of the products the company develops in collaboration with leading Russian food scientists. First of all company's specialists pay attention to natural qualities of raw materials, usage of the newest technologies, control of all production stages. Raw materials used (grains, fruits, nuts) undergo multilevel cleaning with the technology allowing them to conserve vitamins and minerals, making breakfasts from Rusprodexport maximum tasty and healthy. All this combined allows the company to offer the customer a product of high quality and excellent taste.

In recent years "Rusprodexport" has been increasingly localizing the technological processes at its own production facilities. As a consequence, in the near future the company will produce most of the ingredients itself.