The Russian concern MANS completed the installation of a lidar system for measuring vortex trails in Singapore
2020-11-09 10:53

The Russian concern MANS completed the installation of a lidar system for measuring vortex trails in Singapore

The IANS Concern won the contract for supply and installation of an aircraft vortex trace measurement system based on the IVL-5000 pulse Doppler lidar at Changi Airport in the largest city-state of Singapore. The system was successfully commissioned in August 2019.

"The vortex trace measurement system is a scalable, flexibly configurable solution to customer requirements and local airport characteristics, which can function both stand-alone and as part of a vortex trace turbulence echelon system. This system is the embodiment of many years of research by the specialists of the "MANS" Concern in the field of vortex aerodynamics, methods of spatial data processing in real time and knowledge of technology in the design of high-intelligent knowledge-intensive equipment," - said the company representative.

Other developments and projects of MANS

Other developments by MANS include such innovative solutions in the field of air navigation as:

  • Equipping airfields and heliports with remote video surveillance (RVT) complexes, including Digital Tower technology to improve situational awareness and solve visual surveillance problems;
  • equipping airfields and helicopter landing sites with ground traffic control and monitoring systems;
  • meteorological support of flights - low-altitude wind shear warning systems (LLWAS);
  • aircraft vortex wake detection systems (Wake Vortex) at the airport;
  • A multi-functional air traffic control workstation to integrate information from all of the above solutions on a single touch-screen display.
  • meteorological radar complex, designed for collection, processing and provision of information on various meteorological events to meteorological services, civil and state aviation departments, as well as to other users. This complex can be both mobile and stationary.

The company's specialists have also developed the technology for UAV countermeasures (C-UAV), implemented solutions for UAVs based on hydrogen fuel cells and are working on the project of UAV implementation in the common airspace (UTM).

The company tests all developments at its own flying experimental base "Orlovka" located in the Tver region. The airfield is an accredited test laboratory for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the Russian Federation. It is equipped with two runways (asphalt and unpaved) and officially certified for night launches. There is also a certified training centre "Nebosvod-Avia". The airfield is an accredited test laboratory for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the Russian Federation.

Concern "MANS" has implemented several major projects for the implementation of advanced solutions that have almost no analogues. For example, the company has developed equipment for airports in Sochi, Baikonur, Minsk and other cities with a low-altitude wind shear warning system. In addition, the company deployed remote video surveillance systems at Vnukovo Airport, installed aircraft vortex trace detection systems at Changi Airport in Singapore, and carried out other projects to supply equipment to cities in Russia, the CIS and Southeast Asia.

In April 2020, in order to solve the tasks aimed at overcoming the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, the MANS Concern conducted exercises using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the emergency area. Together with other participants of the Russian unmanned aerial systems market, MANS performed drone and unmanned aircraft flights, worked out algorithms of interaction between emergency services, EMERCOM, law enforcement agencies, search parties and UAV operators, performed work on rapid delivery of medical cargo and samples for coronavirus over long and short distances using UAVs, practiced notification of population in a vast area using UAVs and monitoring of areas potentially hazardous for population with operative

About the Concern

The MANS Concern is an innovative research and production company, and one of the leaders in development and implementation of advanced technologies and systems to ensure flight safety and efficiency, manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for civil aviation and special aviation in Russia, as well as in the field of air navigation and meteorological support of flights.

The company was established over 9 years ago on the basis of the scientific potential of the Military Aviation Academy named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky. The staff includes 18 doctors and 64 candidates of science, among them 11 professors. Concern "IANS" has more than 45 Russian and international patents and certificates.

The Concern is a member of various international aviation organizations, such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), European Organization for Civil Aviation Electronic Equipment (EUROCAE), Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA), Society of Self-Driving Engineers (SAE), and International Community for Airport Surveillance (ICAS).