Lawyer commented on Moscow mayor's decree on
2021-06-22 08:46

Lawyer commented on Moscow mayor's decree on "no-shape" restaurants

The Moscow governmentdecree that bans people without coronavirus protection from visiting public catering facilities is dictated by the current reality, so many lawyers agree with the clauses of the document. In addition, businesses can always use their right to organize food delivery from the restaurant to minimize losses, Asiya Mukhamedshina, a member of the Russian Bar Association, told Made in Russia.

"The concept of this document is primarily aimed at protecting the population from the spread of infection. Unfortunately, the war on infection entails casualties, just like any battle. That is why the public catering can lose a small part of clients, who won't be able to visit the establishment due to the fact that they haven't had time to get the vaccine. However, even in this case there is business protection in the form of a compromise solution for the delivery of food from the restaurant to their home, "- commented the project interlocutor.

The expert reminded that consumers have a right to free entrance and exit to the establishments in accordance with point 5 of the Catering Rules, but, in her opinion, in the middle of a pandemic - not every resident is ready to write a complaint because of restrictions on entry.

"In the present realities of life, everyone understands that involuntary and temporary restrictions are created to protect the public. That's why many fellow lawyers agreed with him when the decree was passed. Businesses, in order to reduce the risk of losing customers, should still exercise their right, stipulated by this Decree, to have food delivered at home to those customers who didn't have time to vaccinate", - considers the lawyer.

By doing so, they would reduce the risk of losing customers and even be able to expand the services they offer, she added.

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Author: Karina Kamalova