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Aquion launches reproductive health product portal in Vietnam

Aquion launches reproductive health product portal in Vietnam

Russian pharmaceutical company Aquion(Made in Russia participant) has launched a portal for Vietnamese consumers with products for reproductive health and fertility improvement of men and women. The press service of the pharmaceutical manufacturer told the Made in Russia editorial office about it.

"Aquion" first entered the market of this Asian country in 2019 and recorded interest in the drugs in the local population. Against the backdrop of successful sales, Aquion decided to create a separate information portal.

"Since not all residents of Vietnam are fluent in Russian, we decided to create an information portal in Vietnamese. We are confident that this resource will be useful to both professionals and ordinary people," the press service specified.

For a long time in Vietnam there has been a demographic decline as a consequence of the Vietnam War, the Russian company said. This has led to a drop in the birth rate and an increase in the birth of children with malformations.

"Local specialists are actively working with our drugs, prescribing them, respectively, the interest of consumers is growing, they want to know more about the possibilities of application, clinical trials. We have this information, it is open, and we believe it should be shared," Aquion concluded.

About the company

"Aquion is a Russian pharmaceutical company specializing in unique products for a healthy lifestyle.

The company has been working on the Russian market since 2002. During this time, Aquion specialists have created several dozens of original products, which are widely recognized by consumers and specialists. Products help to solve problems during the cold season, maintain the health of the reproductive system, maintain beauty and youth, take care of the correct growth and development of children.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova

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