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Red Soft has successfully passed certification of its operating system with the FSTEC of Russia

Red Soft has successfully passed certification of its operating system with the FSTEC of Russia

The operating system of Russian developer Red Soft - RED OS 7.3 - has successfully passed tests in the information security certification system of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC of Russia). The company's press service informed the Made in Russia editorial board about it.

Tests conducted by an accredited testing laboratory confirmed that RED OS 7.3 complies with information security requirements, establishing confidence levels for information security tools and information technology security tools - Level 4 of confidence, information security requirements for operating systems, and the protection profile for Type A operating systems of the fourth protection class.

The certified operating system can be used as an information protection tool against unauthorized access (UAS) to protect critical information infrastructure facilities (CII), state information systems (SIS), automated control systems of production and technological processes (ACS TP), personal data information systems (PIS) up to class 1 (significance category, level) of protection inclusive, as well as public information systems (PIS) class 2.

It is also noted that RED OS 7.3 of certified edition contains LTS-core Linux 5.10, which, in particular, supports video gas pedals Intel Comet Lake (10th generation Intel processors) and AMD Ryzen 5000. Includes the latest versions of application and server software packages and supports a wide range of peripheral equipment.

Rustam Rustamov, Deputy General Director of Red Soft, noted that FSTEC certification of Russia is an important stage in the development of the product. "It is the passing of tests that officially confirms that it can be used to protect the country's IT infrastructure in its most sensitive areas. RED OS has once again passed these tests and is recommended for implementation in order to strengthen the country's IT sovereignty," he said.

FSTEC certificate #4060 was renewed on December 16, 2021 and is valid on January 12, 2024.

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Author: Maria Buzanakova

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