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Made in Russia is the first global communication project for promotion of Russian exports, business and culture through the National brand, international media and industry catalogues.

All companies placing the National brand logo on their products, promotional materials and websites become a part of the global collective communication campaign to promote Russian export, business and culture.

A unified national catalogue of Russian brands and companies including the biggest exporters database.

A platform to provide Russian companies and regions equal access to the first and only business information network services to promote goods and services worldwide.

A platform that provides country to promote all economic sectors based on their collective potential and resources.

A platform that provides access to a vast database of Russian businesses for international partners and consumers, as well as foreign media.



The officially registered internet and printed media


The Made in Russia logo is registered in accordance with the law in all 45 ICGS classes


Translation and editing by native speakers


Easy information comprehension with infographics and adaptive design


The national brand concept created in cooperation with marketing directors and brand managers from Russian most successful companies


The Made in Russia concept and logo are included in the second edition of the international branding textbook Nation Branding

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Up-to-date information about the Made in Russia catalogue, Russian business, culture and experts

We accept applications from media sponsors (TV, magazines, web-sites, blogs and etc.), experts and journalists interested in getting up-to-date information about Russian business and culture, organizers of exhibitions interested in participation of Russian companies, foreign investors and businessmen interested in direct contact with Russian companies and experts.