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"Made in Russia" logo

The "Made in Russia" logo is distributed free of charge to companies (on a free license basis), individuals, public authorities and state corporations

The logo may be used by all legal entities and individuals who have the right to use the "Made in Russia" name in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation (all responsibility for the placement of the logo companies and individuals bear independently within the laws of the Russian Federation).

Companies and individuals using the logo are given the opportunity to publish five (5) news items per year in the Made in Russia newswires free of charge, including free news about the logo on products, the release of products with the logo, and other uses of the logo.

logo1Russian, vertical version of the logo
logo2Russian, horizontal version of the logo
logo3English, vertical version of the logo
logo4English, horizontal version of the logo

The logo in support of the Made in Russia brand is recommended for placement on products, promotional materials, and websites with a backlink to the Made in Russia information and trading system

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