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"Made in Russia" - main news for November 11

"Made in Russia" - main news for November 11

The international holding is considering the Omsk region for the implementation of investment projectsGinza Project is an international holding company that owns and manages more than a hundred establishments in St. Petersburg, Moscow, New York, London.

These are restaurants, hotels, markets, public spaces and city services. In the Omsk region, the possibility of implementing an investment project on the territory of the city for the reconstruction of municipal markets and the development of hotel infrastructure is being considered.

Antimonopoly authorities and telecom operators have developed a mechanism for complaints about spamThe FAS and mobile operators have developed a mechanism for complaints about spam calls, when consumers can complain about advertising directly to the mobile operator.

It takes less time, and such complaints are dealt with faster.

Parallel imports in the country may exceed $ 15 billion by the end of the yearIn weight terms, the figure is also impressive - 2 million tons.

Recall that in Russia, alcohol has also been supplied through parallel imports.

You can get compensation for an employee moving to KaliningradOrganizations and enterprises of the Kaliningrad region can receive compensation for the relocation of highly qualified employees to the region.

The maximum amount of payment is 800 thousand rubles per employee: up to 500 thousand rubles for assistance in purchasing housing, up to 300 thousand rubles for compensation for travel and purchase of household appliances.

Production of building materials and animal feed will appear in MoscowThe city will lease two plots with an area of 7.8 hectares to investors without bidding to create production facilities.

The companies plan to invest about 2.5 billion rubles in these facilities. More than 400 people will be able to find a job at new enterprises.

Technopolis Moscow Company has developed a new type of rapid test for COVID-19The company "Imbian Lab" has registered the first domestic rapid test to detect the antigen of coronavirus infection in saliva.

The system is characterized by high diagnostic sensitivity, which will quickly identify even asymptomatic patients.

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