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Slavyanskij lev

Services, goods and anything related to security can be obtained or purchased from one organization


Berestaproject is a young Russian brand of object design


LLC DUDU is a manufacturer of face, hair and body care cosmetics under the DUDU brand (Russia, Primorsky Krai)

​NovaProduct AG

Manufacturer of healthy food products, as well as dietary, diabetic and enriched foods


STC Thin Film Technologies in Power Engineering is a Russian company whose main activity is to carry out research work aimed at improving the quality of silicon heterostructured photovoltaic modules.


ZAO IF MAGMA - a Russian company whose main activity is to create fundamentally new technological solutions to energy and environmental problems in our country

Health Modeling Technology

The company "Health Modeling Technology" develops software for phones and tablets with three-dimensional modeling, showing the health status of patients.

Osteros Biomedica

Osteros Biomedica - is a private Russian company that develops drugs to treat bone lesions.


"Avtostankoprom was founded in April 2003. The company is engaged in working out, manufacture and introduction of products from polymeric composite epilam.


The company was founded in 2010 to develop a medical diagnostic device for blood coagulation system.


"Litmashpribor is the oldest company in Russia and one of the leading manufacturers of construction machinery and equipment. Its history goes back more than half a century. The first machine was manufactured in January 1930.

Microbor Composite

Microbor Composite was organized in 2010.


"NEUTRON TECHNOLOGIES" was created in 2010 to create detectors based on labeled neutrons (MMN), the possibility of production of which appeared as a result of the research program of scientists of the Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna. This method makes it possible to simplify the detection of dangerous explosives and narcotic substances hidden in hard-to-reach places in sea containers, transport trucks or luggage during air transport.


The company is engaged in development and implementation of temperature control complexes of current-carrying buses and overhead power lines wires, monitoring systems of moving railway cars and wireless radio-channel sensors of electric current.


OPTOSENSE (MIPEX) in 2000, and that's why it took a long time for the company founders and leading experts to provide the technology which is now the leading product line of MIPEX OPTOSENCE LLC.


The Russian company "OFK-CARDIO" specializes in the production of test systems for early diagnosis of heart attack and is the organization of the full production cycle.

First Retail Generation Company

The project provides the creation of a virtual power plant (VE) for the aggregation of objects, gives consumers the opportunity to take advantage of the managed load and energy storage for general participation in electricity markets.

North West Laboratory

The company develops power voltage converters for telecom systems of cellular network operators and wireless Internet.


The company is engaged in computer support development, research and development of diodes and thyristor diode modules, as well as a new generation of power diodes.


SMART SOFT was opened in June 2008. The company's projects guarantee safe access to the Internet, reduce costs and improve the efficiency of various organizations and ownership forms.

Perfect Crystals

The company researches the production of wafers and structures based on gallium nitride with low defect density for energy efficient mass semiconductor devices.


Founded in 2006, CJSC SuperOx is engaged in the development of technology for the production of materials based on high-temperature superconductors on metal tapes - 2nd generation VTSP tapes. These materials can in the near future change the appearance of electricity and transport, open the way to more efficient equipment for scientific research and medicine.


The company is an innovative startup that foxes on thermal testing of semiconductor systems and the development of enameled copper wires.


ECORAD is a research and production group established and started its activities in the early 1990s due to the need for new and technologically advanced instruments to control radiation in the environment and materials.


ENGO Engineering is an international company that provides high-tech complete engineering solutions for separation of mixed gas components. This includes the separation of natural gas and associated gas based on our company's supersonic gas separation technology (supersonic separation technology or 3S technology).


Dynamically developing company "Energolit" LLC with modern control system provides complex solutions in the field of power supply and automation for enterprise management systems.


Anron Ltd. is a large Russian company engaged in the development of a Wi--climate system, the purpose of which is to independently control (without interference with management) temperature and humidity regimes (TWR) at geographically distributed logistics and production facilities, where the temperature and humidity of the environment significantly affect the quality of storage and processing of raw materials and products.


DSK GRAS-Saratov is one of the main producers of autoclaved aerated concrete on the domestic market, producing products from raw materials produced in the Saratov district.


Laser-Export Ltd. presents its own production of pulsed and continuous lasers, which are compact, easy to use, air-cooled and have excellent technical characteristics.


"Metaclay" is the first domestic company that develops and manufactures polymer nanocomposites and nanosilicates with their subsequent application.


Mirapolis LLC is a large domestic IT-company specializing in creation and implementation of complex automation systems for HR-processes.


"Novochem" is a modern full-cycle chemical production facility with more than two hundred advanced chemical solutions developed independently on the basis of unique technologies.

Systems of Industrial Automation

"Systems of Industrial Automation" is a Belarusian company that offers ready-made solutions based on industrial robots of various types, which allow to automate production in all industries at enterprises of any size.


Photonix is a private innovation company founded in 2010 to develop and introduce new medical laser systems for surgery of soft and hard tissues (stLase and atLase) to the Russian market.

Energy Efficient Technologies

Energy Efficient Technologies LLC is a large Russian company, the main purpose of which is to create easy to operate, the highest quality domestic equipment at an affordable price.

Computer Robotics

Computer Robotics is a company that is part of the Robotics group of companies engaged in the development of computer applications for industrial enterprises and medical facilities.


Luminnotech - a company whose activities are aimed at developing high-tech materials for optoelectronics.


"MT-Innovations" is a Moscow enterprise established to support the Skolkovo Innovation Centre project, of which it is a member.

Research Institute of Science-Intensive Technologies Fedal

Research Institute of Science-Intensive Technologies Fedal is a St. Petersburg research organization engaged in the development of laser electronics.


Wellink is a company that holds leading positions on the Russian market in the field of software development.


Polarlight Ltd. is a company that represents on the market its own developments in the field of optical devices for non-contact thickness measurement.

RMT Electronics

RMT Electronics is a company engaged in the development and production of thermoelectric refrigeration systems and related equipment.


C-Innovations is a second-generation high-temperature superconductor (HTSSP) wire manufacturing company.


"IntellectDevice" is a Perm company, the main development of which is "smart tonometer" SmartBPM, reducing the risk of stroke.


MC-Development is a research company that develops new drugs and tests them.


Personal Medication & Health Management Center is a Novosibirsk company engaged in the development of a special inhaler for patients with tuberculosis and oncology.


The company NooGen is engaged in research of human DNA and RNA, and some time ago scientists managed to create analogues of these molecules for the latest drugs.


SCI-store is an infrastructure project, the main focus of which is to create key components for the cultivation of human cells.


TechBionics Ltd. is a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre and is developing a bionic hand prosthesis called SmartLi.

Waviot (Telematic Solutions)

Telematic Solutions LLC is a company engaged in supply of wireless solutions using NB-Fi protocol data transmission technology.


TermoLazerLLC is an enterprise engaged in creation and mastering of the technology of laser hardening of surfaces of large-size parts made of various metals and alloys of complex shape, including the inner surface of pipes.


The ASONICA Research Institute is developing the system of the same name for the analysis of radio electronic means.


The company, whose name stands for Agat Russian Technologies, is a domestic manufacturer of everything connected with telephony.


"I-TOR, a Skolkovo resident, develops and manufactures innovative electrical engineering.

Bijskij zavod stekloplastikov

For almost thirty years, Bijskij zavod stekloplastikov has been producing products from polymer composite materials

Brand Glass

A company called the Brand Glass produces fireproof glass to protect people from fires


VisionLabs, a Skolkovo resident company, is engaged in machine learning and creation of facial recognition products


Produced by Danaflex-Nano, one of the largest factories in Russia, the products make it possible to increase production efficiency

Divnogorsk Plant of Polymeric Products

The company Divnogorsk Plant of Polymeric Products provides its services to all those who have decided to engage in the production of plastic products


Dnepr is a leading Russian manufacturer and developer of ultrasonic flowmeters


The company InfoWatch is engaged in development of complex solutions for corporate data security


Joint Stock Company Istok was founded in 1958 and for many decades has been producing power sources


Manufacturing and Commercial Firm Quartz is engaged in manufacturing of the medical equipment on the basis of last technological achievements


The company Nizhegorodpolimerstroj is a plant of polymer sand products, which sells porebryky, paving tiles, etc.


Company Rekon is engaged in research and development of high quality building materials

Russian Engineering Club

The company Russian Engineering Club is engaged in manufacturing of laser medical equipment.


Established almost thirty years ago, the company is engaged in the creation of chemicals and materials.


The company Specialized Design Bureau of Electrotechnical Instrument Engineering is a plant for the production of devices for control and diagnostics of transformers

Translation Management Technologies (AWATERA)

Translation Management Technologies is a leading provider of linguistic services in Russia and the CIS countries

Gurus BioPharm

Gurus Biopharm is a biopharmaceutical research company that creates innovative drugs.

VKM Group

VKM Group" Ltd. is engaged in scientific research, including the development of innovative technologies, as well as their subsequent commercialization.

Science and Technology Center "MT"

Founded in 2009, STC-MT is engaged in research and development in the field of digital technologies for medicine.

Center for Advanced Technologies

The Research and Production Enterprise "Advanced Technologies Center" is engaged in creation of biosensors for analysis of substances.


Company MatriFlex being a resident of Skolkovo, is engaged in working out of innovative materials for the Russian market of regenerative medicine.


CardioNova LLC is a private biotechnology company. It was founded in 2011 and its main goal is to bring innovative medicines for cardiovascular diseases to the market.

Deep Patterns

The main specialization of Deep Patterns company is development and promotion of software for analysis of large amounts of data.


Hepatera is a Russian biotechnology company whose main goal is to find and develop a cure for hepatitis B.


Company IVIX is engaged in the development of drugs for the regulation of female sexual function.


"Far Eastern Peat Company" is a Russian startup, resident of the Skolkovo Foundation, which has developed a fertilizer that increases yields by 15-25%.


"TestGen" is a large domestic company engaged in the development and production of test systems for molecular genetics.


Innovation Company of Mevodena is a St. Petersburg research organization engaged in development of energy efficiency and energy saving using innovative membrane technologies.


QRepublik is a French-Russian company engaged in creating medical identifiers and cloud platforms.


BMPower is a project whose main goal is to create fuel cells for drones and robots.


A Russian company founded by Yuri Kriulin, an aviation engineer from Irkutsk, is producing the latest model of a wind-solar power plant.


the largest company developing electric motors and electric generators, with synchronous electric machines with control and power electronics, wind turbines and low-power electric drives and micro HPPs at their roots. VDM equipment is assembled by trained and qualified specialists with many years of experience and work experience to perform production tasks.


a Russian company that has developed medical equipment and photoconverters of solar energy on a flexible basis with thin-layer active elements made of organic polymer semiconductor materials.


MARINECO LLC, a Russian company founded in 2012 to participate in the Skolkovo TIC PVPP project, is a subsidiary of Applied Technologies Company LLC.


OOO Monocrystal is the only high-tech export company in Russia, which is the world leader in its segment. Having started its history in 1999, the company today has established itself as a reliable manufacturer in the domestic and international market


SOLEX-S LLC is one of the few companies in the world that has the technology and methods to design solar photovoltaic cells and solar modules with double-sided sensitivity, as well as various types of solar power plants (SES) based on them


LLC TurboEnergy - research company in the field of energy, participant of the Skolkovo project. The main activity of the company is related to scientific research and development in the field of energy and mechanical engineering, development of technologies and equipment for the use and disposal of various types of secondary energy resources

CJSC "Optogan"

LLC "LEED-Energoservice" (trademark "Optogan") is a domestic manufacturer of lighting devices, which has the technology and the full cycle of production of LEDs and LED equipment.


It was founded in 2012. During this period, the company has tested and successfully produced more than twenty innovative products: from interior paints and primers to specialized heat-saving and anti-corrosion coatings.


NPO GELAR, LLC manufactures composite material based on supermolecular polyethylene and modifying additives, which has a unique combination of properties that specify areas of application


Research and Production Association Gidroenergospecstroy is a member of the group of companies Gidroenergospecstroy, which was founded in 2006 to develop an innovative energy-efficient project: "Coastal energy complex with functions of protection of the coastline from the storm" based on the conversion of the energy of sea and ocean waves with a complex of wave energy dampers Wave Hunter


"ELVIS-NeoTech" was established with the support of OAO RUSNANO to create a system center for the design of ultra-high integration integrated circuits, on the basis of which business monitoring systems and security systems with computer vision and video analytics will be created.


The Research and Production Company "SinPROTEK" (LLC "STEK") was registered in January 2008. The company occupies its own niche in the market of oil production and refining, developing and implementing systems for process optimization.

First Virtual

The main activity of the company is the activity in the field of communication based on wire technologies.


The company was founded in 2010 by JSC "Izhevskiy Mashzavod", JSC "RUSNANO", FC "Uralsib".


Volzhsky Plant of Building Materials, LLC (Bikton trademark) was organized in 2002. The company produces autoclaved aerated concrete blocks, which are used to build any structures.

IQ Systems LLC

"IQ Systems" is developing data processing technology using optoinformatics and photonics based on photons to receive, process and store information.


The Engineering and Technology Centre Continuum "ITC " specializes in the development of embedded information and management systems for various economic sectors.


"Atmosphere" presents itself as a company providing a new and demanded type of service related to the re-use of the propulsion system of the rocket block.


LLC "Institute for Space Research of the Earth" (IKIZ) provides high-tech information services for remote assessment and monitoring of ground biological resources based on satellite systems of sensing from space and automated methods of processing of data obtained by them


The Interactive Energy Laboratory, which is part of the RTSoft-Smart Grid group of companies, creates interactive laboratories and trains employees in the field of distributed energy. RTSoft Group develops a serious scientific, technical and engineering and production spectrum, namely: creation of concepts, standards and technologies, design work, production and implementation of new products, PTC and systems.


"Mobile Innovations" has become an exceptional phenomenon in the Russian and foreign markets, using digital technologies as a basis for effective solutions for monitoring the condition of any objects and implementation of decisions made.


The Scientific and Production Association "Digital Measuring Transformations" is engaged in providing power engineering facilities with the necessary measuring equipment meeting high modern standards.


The company "I-TOR" finds non-standard solutions for intelligent metering and increase the controllability of observation in high voltage networks by creating unique products for the organization of commercial metering and dispatching of electricity.


The company has created a simple mobile app that shows the driver the following curves that are out of sight and displays the picture on his smartphone, turning it into a projection display


The company deals with quality problems of technical and lubricants. The main task is to determine the moisture content in technical oils.

Turbomachinery Problem Lab (PL "Turbomachines")

The main activity of the company is research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences.


The main activity of the company is electric power transmission and maintenance of power grid facilities in the Moscow region.


AgroKhimProm Group is one of the leading manufacturers of plant protection products in Russia and the CIS


Electronics development and software


The first domestic manufacturer of automated complexes for airports


Produces high-tech cryogenic, carbon dioxide equipment and technical gases

White&Smile, LLC

LLC "White Smile" - the largest federal network of beauty studios of express tooth lightening in Russia and the CIS.

Advanced Technologies Center

Design and manufacture of scanning probe microscopes, nuclear medicine and medical instrumentation


One of the leading enterprises in the production of professional LED lighting


Russian manufacturer of telecommunication equipment, developer of intelligent industrial communications systems


Manufacture of automotive air conditioners


Manufacture and sale of lighting products for a wide range of applications, the main supplier of greenhouse lighting equipment

RTS (Radio engineering systems)

Development, production and maintenance of landing, navigation and air traffic control equipment


Leading enterprise for the production of marine underwater weapons and special-purpose submersible vehicles


Development and production of advanced electrochemical technologies and products in the field of fuel cells and power supply systems


Naumen Group of Companies is a Russian supplier of software and cloud services


OTM Group is a company engaged in online technologies and media resources, implementing mobile advertising projects in the domestic market and abroad


Group of Companies "Technospark" — a company that positions itself as a creator, grows and sells technological startups


JSC PROFOTECH is a Russian developer, manufacturer and integrator of digital optical electronic current and voltage transformers


CJSC NPO SM is Russia's largest developer and manufacturer of safety equipment

EnSol Technology

LLC "EnSol Technology" is the largest engineering company engaged in the production and supply of lithium-ion batteries for industrial machinery in Russia and abroad

ElMetro Group

LLC ElMetro Group is a Russian instrument-making company, which successfully manufactures its products for various industries and solves complex problems in the automation of technological processes


CJSC SuperOx is a Russian developer of technologies and equipment based on HTS (High Temperature Superconductors)

Tornado Modular Systems

GC "Modular Tornado Systems" is a leading developer and supplier of automation, control systems, software and hardware systems for industrial enterprises


UNICHIMTEK Group of Companies is an innovator in the field of production of sealing and flame retardant materials for all industrial equipment, structures of aerospace plants and other products of wide range for industry and civil objects

Magnetic Hydrodynamics

The main products of LLC "RPC Magnetic Hydrodynamics" are electric heating systems, MGD mixers, as well as refractory products


Company "Research and production enterprise "EFRIL" is the modern industrial enterprise which gives chemical technologies for extraction and oil transportation. Have the big list of made production.


Saint-Petersburg specialized construction and installation company, which offers a wide range of services in the construction of industrial and energy facilities. When implementing projects, the company uses its own specialized production unit, engineering resource and its own electrotechnical laboratory, which allows to fulfill the terms of the contract in time, as well as to reduce risks for the customer.


The Seldon system simplifies and systematizes the procurement process. It allows you to see market movements in dynamics and evaluate your customer by various parameters. Widgets allow you to save up to several hours of searching and analyzing information, which allows you to objectively assess the situation.

Kaluga Astral

CJSC "Kaluga Astral" is engaged in the development of systems for electronic reporting. It has a reliable partner network in every region of Russia. The company also trains information security specialists in the field of personal data protection in their training center.

PETER-SERVICE Spetstekhnologii

LLC PETER-SERVICE Spetstekhnologii is one of the top 5 largest fiscal data operators by the number of connected cash registers in Russia. Provides services of fiscal data transfer from small and medium business to the Federal Tax Service, as well as useful services and tools for business development.


LEMZ-T LLC has a variety of activities: there is a production of radio engineering systems, software, industrial computers, also conducts research in promising areas of radio electronics in conjunction with universities


Obninskaya Energotekhnicheskaya Kompaniya CJSC is engaged in the production of power supply equipment for industrial enterprises, as well as for the city. Another sphere where this company operates and develops is electric drives. The company carries out improvements in the technical sphere of enterprises.

Tion Smart Microclimate

JSC Tion Smart Microclimate — Novosibirsk company, acting as an expert in the field of ventilation, cleaning and disinfection of air


Company Avtodoria provides transport smart-system for safe traffic

Tomsk Cable Works

LLC "Tomsk Cable Works" was engaged in the production and sale of high-tech cable and conductor products of its own trademark TOFLEKS

Inertial Technologies "Technokompleks"

JSC "Inertial Technologies "Technokompleks" is engaged in the development and production of inertial navigation systems, gyroscopes and accelerometers, systems of control and monitoring of business processes, solutions for the management of regulatory and reference information


Energomera, a.s. operates in the field of electronics and instrumentation and manufactures instruments and equipment for measuring electrical quantities.


Design and construction of all types of well attachment equipment, engineering support and supervision of well attachment and core intake.


The company produces steel ropes and uninsulated wires. The company's developments increase the safety and durability of power transmission line structures, energy infrastructure, improve maintenance of mine hoists.


The company provides the telecommunications industry with Volga DWDM equipment for optical communication networks, as well as a distributed Danube acoustic sensor for perimeter protection along the entire length of the facility.


ELKAM Group of Companies manufactures special equipment for mechanized oil production in difficult conditions.


Design and manufacture of modern energy efficient equipment


SVETLANA-ROST JSC is engaged in scientific research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences and is the first and the only Russian semiconductor full-cycle enterprise.


The company manufactures composite materials SMC (prepreg) and BMC (premix), composite profiles of various cross-sections and composite hatches, which are not subject to corrosion, despite temperature changes


An innovative company that constantly develops and implements its own technologies in the field of oil and gas equipment, using mechanical processing of metal products.


VIRTU SYSTEMS LLC is engaged in the automation of sales of financial products, as well as the main business processes in the field of financial services.


The company provides engineering, production and installation services for large engineering facilities, possesses its own innovative developments, confirmed by patents and licenses.


Manufacture of high quality modern medicines for the treatment of tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis, cancer

ISS (Intellectual security systems)

Development and supply of complex solutions for building security systems and automation of technological and business processes on the basis of developed software for video management and video analytics


Production of works to ensure the safety of miners. Methane recovery from coal seams.


FOLIPLAST Group of Companies develops additive technologies, 3D printing, vacuum casting equipment, as well as vacuum forming and mixing and dosing equipment made of polymeric materials.


The company develops, manufactures and implements precision farming systems, including the GlonasH satellite navigation system for precision farming

Inversia Sensor

One of the leading enterprises for development and production of fiber optic sensors in Russia.

Premix Factory No.1

Manufacture of refined grain products and feed additives


Development and production of medical devices for endovascular cardiovascular and neurovascular surgery.


"GEROPHARM" is a national manufacturer of biotechnological drugs, a leader in the development and production of insulin, and ensures drug safety in Russia.

Russian Mechanics

Joint Stock Company "Russian Mechanics" is a modern industrial enterprise producing off-road equipment (snowmobiles and cross-country vehicles) for various purposes.


Russia's largest manufacturer of miniature precision ball bearings for metric and inch measurement systems.


Development and production of bio-activated microbiological fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides for agriculture; veterinary drugs for agriculture and domestic animals; drilling reagents for drilling and oil and gas extraction. More than 28 years on the market.


Technological and industrial leader of Russian production of batteries.


Development and production of telecommunication and network equipment


Information technology

Laser Systems

Laser technology and optoelectronics, instrumentation


Automated taxi information system. Mobile applications for taxi ordering "Maxim" and for the work of Taxsee Driver. Contact-centers for reception of orders by phone and support of users.


Joint-Stock Company Research and Production Center "Electronic Computer Information Systems" (RnD "ELVEES" JSC) is one of the leading Russian developers of microchips and devices based on them (computer vision, artificial intelligence, integrated security systems).

Lomonosov Moscow State University Marine Research Center

The Lomonosov Moscow State University Marine Research Centre was established to carry out marine research


Large commercial vehicle plant, design and production of various special and construction equipment.


VIC Group is the largest Russian manufacturer of veterinary pharmaceuticals.


Scientific Production Company "Speech Technology Center" is engaged in the development of innovative systems in the field of technologies of synthesis and recognition of speech and voice, analysis of audio and video information. Only a small number of developers from all over the world have been able to achieve success and a high international level in this field, implementing their projects around the world

CJSC "ETC "Continuum"

CJSC "Engineering - Technical Center "Continuum" from Yaroslavl offers equipment for automation of industrial enterprises


Satellite Innovation LLS is a company that bears the name of its Macroscop product at the same time. The company develops software products and hardware solutions for IP-Surveillance systems. LLC from St. Petersburg, working in the field of educational technologies


SIE NEFTEHIM LLC is Russia's largest scientific and production enterprise engaged in research and development activities in various fields of oil refining, in addition, it is an engineering organization, licensor and supplier of catalysts and technologies.


CJSC "Biokad" is the world's largest company engaged in the development and manufacture of drugs for the treatment of cancer, infectious, viral and autoimmune diseases.

Chislovaya Mechanika

Moscow JSC "Chislovaya Mechanika" is engaged in designing and manufacturing of CNC system for domestic companies


JSC "Experimental Plant "VladMiVa" is a part of a large holding company engaged in the development and production of dental materials and equipment and covering a wide range of markets in Russia and 60 other countries.


JSC Research and Production Center of Information and Transport Systems is a leader in the Russian Federation, engaged in its own development and production of innovative high-tech equipment for the railway infrastructure of Russia, the CIS and some European countries.


Development and serial production of communication, navigation, landing, observation and automation of air traffic control.

Robell Technology

Production of water-soluble polymers for industry and agriculture


Development of computer software


LLC Scientific and Production Firm "Paker" designs, manufactures and supplies packer and anchor equipment for the oil and gas industry


Development of computer software

Ishimbay Specialized Chemical Plant of Catalysts

Manufacture of basic inorganic chemicals


Development and production of aviation radio communication equipment for various types of aircraft


Manufacture of LD ball valves under the "LD" brand


The company is one of the leading scientific organizations working in the field of radiation safety and nuclear instrumentation


It is the leading enterprise of the Russian Federation on mass reproduction of seeds. LLC "AGROPLAZMA" occupies a dominant position among domestic entrepreneurs in the production and sales of ready-made cereal materials of hybrid sunflower and sorghum.


The company is considered to be one of the best domestic manufacturers of electronic innovative systems. LLC "Nex-T" occupies a dominant position among domestic entrepreneurs in the production of hardware and software. The sphere of activity includes production of computers and peripheral equipment.


AEROFILTR LLC is a leading enterprise of the Russian Federation, which produces and sells the most efficient aerosol filters of the new generation


NPO Turbotechnika is the only corporation in Russia and the CIS specializing in the development, design and manufacture of turbochargers for a wide range of domestic engines


The Center is one of the leading industrial companies operating in the field of development and manufacture of complex technological stuffing for space equipment

Bee Pitron

Bee Pitron is engaged in equipping enterprises with high-tech electrical products: from the supply of components of the world's leading companies to the design of the cable network production of electric bundles


The industrial enterprise "PROMEX" for today occupies a leading position in the Northwest region in branch hi-tech grinding of sheet metal. LLC "PROMEX" renders all range of manufacturing services as a universal enterprise.


The main activity of the Moscow company is design and manufacture of machine-tool equipment

Tsenter Trevozhnaya Knopka

One of the first enterprises in the Russian Federation to provide services on the system of monitoring and emergency calls for help


For more than half a century the company JSC "OKB-Planeta" has been developing and manufacturing high-tech products, in particular radio equipment and its components


SKB KONTUR PC JSC is one of the first software development companies in Russia


Manufacture of insulating materials for cable-conductor technology


LLC Aerob is a developer and manufacturer of next-generation UAVs based on aircraft-type robotic systems and UAV on-board electronic equipment systems


Manufacture of composite materials based on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene


Manufacture of finished goods, which includes such things as scotch, stretch, stretching, stretching, film and other

Unmanned Systems

Located in Izhevsk, Unmanned Systems LLC is one of the largest enterprises of the Russian Federation that produces unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, UAVs, UAVs, UAVs) of the Supercam brand and helicopter type


It is one of the leading companies engaged in the development, production and installation of protection and regulation of gas consumption


It is one of the most important organizations for providing and establishing modern security systems against unprotected intrusion into information systems. Providing ways of cryptographic data protection, means of protection of visible borders of local networks, methods of protection from internal dangers, technical means of information protection.

Privodnaya tekhnika

Industrial Group "Privodnaya tekhnika" is a leading domestic manufacturer and supplier of electric drive equipment with a competence that has been established for more than 19 years in many areas of industry and municipal services


One of the leading manufacturers of hot and cold water meters, as well as devices for electricity metering automation

Pandora LED

The company specializes in electronic equipment and production of LED lighting fixtures


The company is considered to be one of the best Russian developers and manufacturers of pipeline valves in Russia


Manufacture of nano- and microsatellites, space components and technologies


Scientific, technological and industrial center specializing in microchannel and fiber optic technologies

New Technologies of Laser Thermohardening

The company is engaged in the development of a robotic universal complex based on a diode laser


Laser metal processing equipment

BFG Group

BFG Group is a domestic engineering company, the creator of an IT platform for building digital prototypes of organizations in order to regulate transformations in the virtual reality mode and nowaday


Company producing high-tech implants for ophthalmology and reconstructive surgery. The quality of the products is guaranteed by the precision of the production process to the nanometer thanks to the technology of frontal polymerization.


One of the best linear design systems available in Russia today

Alcor Bio Group

Group of companies successfully and effectively solves problems on development and manufacture of sets of reagents for laboratory diagnostics by methods of ELISA and PCR, test-systems for diagnostics of hereditary diseases


The manufacturer of instrument-autonomous system of electronic queue

Ural Spring Plant

One of the leading companies in the manufacture of a unique range of hot and cold coil springs


LLC Nanotechnology Center of Composites is the largest research and production enterprise in Russia, engaged in research and development activities to develop and manufacture a variety of products from polymer composites. The scope of application of the NCC products covers almost many branches of various industries.


One of the leading companies in the production of high-quality steel castings with special surface finishes for various applications


One of the leading companies in the production of refrigeration equipment in the regions of the Russian Federation


Development of computer software for health care, education, oil refining, IT.


Manufacture of machinery and equipment for the production of foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco products


Manufacture of parts of instruments and instruments for navigation, control, measurement, inspection, testing and other purposes.


Engineering software for computer-aided design, engineering data management systems

First Line Software

Development of computer software


Manufacture of computer platforms for organizing workplaces in information systems with terminal access


Development, manufacture and supply of nanostructured membrane for reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and membrane elements based on them

Argus Spectrum

Development and production of wireless security systems, production of communication equipment


Manufacture and adjustment of power semiconductor devices: thyristors, diodes in tablet, pin, modular design, and coolers to them.


Scientific development and commercialization of biocatalysts in the field of biotechnology.


Development of computer software

Optic Fiber Systems

Russia's first optical fiber plant, located in Saransk, Mordovia. The Company's shareholders are RUSNANO JSC, Gazprombank-High Technologies LLC, and the Government of the Republic of Mordovia.


Development of technologies for preparation of catalysts, carriers of catalysts, sorbents for various processes of chemistry, petrochemistry and other industries. Development and modernization of catalytic processes, as well as engineering services.


Manufacturer of modern ball valves for oil and gas, petrochemical and energy companies.

Zavod Koltsevih zagotovok

One of the leading companies in the manufacture of high-quality steel castings for various purposes

Smolenskoye SKTB SPU

Development and production of industrial, test, laboratory and medical equipment


Architectural and artistic, outdoor lighting and lighting equipment.


Manufacture of carbon dioxide equipment


Today CHADOLINI is one of the leading manufacturers of children's clothing and school uniforms in Russia


SIBERINA – 100% natural cosmetics based on the herbs of Siberian nature.

Armplast LLC

Manufacture and sale of fiberglass and composite fittings

Moscow Jewelry Factory

One of the oldest jewelry enterprises in Russia


Export Insurance Agency of Russia


The most recognizable brand of children's and adolescent shoes in Russia


Russian clothing brand established in Moscow in 2011

Renova Group

One of the largest Russian private business groups


Russian Silicon Valley

Oh, my

Russian casual clothes brand established in St. Petersburg in 2008

Russian State Library

The first and largest public library in Russia

Admiralty shipyard

The company that transformed Russia into a great sea power


The iconic brand that laid the foundations of the grass-roots lomography movement


The world famous Russian military and sporting skill set


One of the biggest realty agencies in Moscow

Paul Buhre

Russian clock factory, one of the oldest in Europe

Nikolo-Bachmetievsky factory

The Russian standard of quality in crystal production


The number one cultural brand in Russia


The leading jewellery brand in Europe at the beginning of the XX century

Ballets Russes

A brand of Russian origin that has tremendously impacted the development of the world of fashion, the performing arts and the entertainment industry

Tavrida Electric

Perfection in technical solutions


A key player in the domestic real estate market


The leading public organization representing interests of Russian branding agencies

The leading Russian mass media outlet in the areas of advertising, marketing and PR


One of Russia's largest independent branding agencies

SMS Traffic

One of the biggest A2P (application to person) communication providers in Russia


Popular Russian E-commerce service for business


A pioneer of the world`s automobile industry

Butman Music Records

International music label created by Igor Butman –famous Russian saxophonist, musician and producer


World class perfume brand created in Russia


The oldest Russian jewelry brand since 1796